The human mind is a truly fascinating enigma.  Invisible and unfathomable to most, conscious thoughts in the psyche can be observed in outward behaviour, but what about the unconscious forces that move people?  How do we comprehend the hidden and more amazing interior landscape, in which resides our primitive impulses, animal instincts, creative imagination, fundamental beliefs, secret desires, phantasy wishes, real motivations, and ancient archetypal structures? 

As with the changing seasons in life, the psyche also evolves through transformational stages of development and levels of consciousness.  Having an awareness of mind function, dynamics and form, within which to comprehend our experiences, enables us to navigate our way through to new paradigms of thought more easily.  With a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the inner intellect, Carole Sawo QTS BSc (Hons) MA created Hebe College for anyone curious to learn about any aspect of mind, behaviour and experience, and explore the phenomenal chambers of the psychological labyrinth.

“Only in the fall, do we become real”
Carole Sawo

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