The Rise in Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is evolving and is about to rise in a collective paradigm shift.  Our mind, our psychology, is intrinsically linked to the world around us and both are changing.  Individually, many people will think that it is only their personal experience that is shifting into unfamiliar territory, but in truth, the collective consciousness is progressing through to the next stage of awareness.  

In this free online class, taught by a professionally accredited lecturer, author, and original field contributor, you will learn about the rise in metaphysical phenomena, that bypasses logical fathoming, the change in psychological experiences, and avoid many of the pitfalls that occur when the ego, spirit, and soul interplay in the phantasy realms of the unconscious, and spill out sometimes into conscious reality.  

Class Outline:

Ω   What is consciousness?
Ω   Why is it evolving?
Ω   Will it involve everyone?
Ω   Human Intelligence

** This class contains material of an advanced psychological/metaphysical nature.  Terms Apply.  Registration signifies acceptance.  18+ years.  Hebe House Ltd.© All Rights Reserved **

Tuesday 16th November 2021
7-7.30 p.m. LONDON GMT  [Followed by Q & A]