Forensic Psychology

“The brighter the light, the darker the shadow”
Carole Sawo

Why do people commit crime?  What is it about the criminal mind that is so different from others?  Are some people just born killers, with innate biological psychopathologies from birth, or are they made by their environment, in fractured deprivation and social chaos?    When we are taught not to harm others, why do some people cross the moral, mortal and psychological Rubicon?

Forensic Psychology combines two worlds.  Forensics, meaning ‘forum’, and psychology, meaning ‘of the mind’.   Criminology, with a heavy focus on criminal law, looks at the crime itself.  Crime Scene Analysis uses a scientific approach with the latest technology.  With bottom-up perspectives, however, we can miss what is hidden in plain sight, that which exists outside of science – the mind.   In combining a top-down perspective, with psychoanalysis, and the understanding of basic core principles in psychological behaviour, we gain a wider view of the perpetrator, what happened, how it unfolded, and even, why.   

The absence of a weapon does not mean a crime has not been committed, and more than that, sometimes we can solve crimes not by what is there, but by what is missing.  Criminal profiling enables us to see from a distance, often the best place to stand in order to gain clarity.  In the absence of the perpetrator, we are able to see inside their mind, in careful reasoning processors that reveal that their involvement, was, inevitable!

For everyone intrigued by the fascinating world of Forensic Psychology, this entirely unique opportunity to study with an experienced analyst is taught straight into your own home is coming soon.  With monthly lectures on the most fascinating areas of Criminology, Psychiatry, Forensic Science, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, you will be entirely captivated throughout, as you explore in-depth key features in forensic psychology and learn how to analyse the criminal mind, crime scene, and notorious case studies. 

Course Syllabus
What will you learn?

Image result for psychology symbol  An introduction to Forensic Psychology, Criminology, Categorisation of Crime, Core Principles in Forensic Analysis, Pattern Formation & Basics in Analysis

Image result for psychology symbol  Theories of Criminal Mind Development: Part 1 } Brain Anatomy, Biological Theories, Behavioural & Social Learning Theories

Image result for psychology symbol  Theories of Criminal Mind Development: Part 2 } ‘Mother Love’, Angels and Demons, Freudian Theories, Psychosexual Development, Oedipal Complex & Mythology [Case Study: Castro]

Image result for psychology symbol  Offender Profiling, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists & Borderline Personal Disorders [Case Studies: Manson & Bundy]

Image result for psychology symbol  Types of Rape, Sex & Death, Unconscious Impulses [Case Study of a Serial Rapist: Napper]

Image result for psychology symbol  Crime Scene Analysis, The Body of Evidence, Forensic Science, Blood Spatter Analysis

Image result for psychology symbol  Deadlier Than The Male, Female Killers, Coercive Control, Killing Styles [Case Study: Monster]

Image result for psychology symbol  Court Room Psychology, How To Spot A Liar, Decoding Body Language, Eye Witness Testimony, Deception

Image result for psychology symbol  Jack the Ripper, Traditional Case Study, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Suspects & Secrecy

Image result for psychology symbol  The Face of Innocence, Child Abductors, Killers & Prevention

Image result for psychology symbol  Wicked Attraction, A Folie a Deux, Why Couples Kill [Case Studies: Wests & Moors Murderers]

Image result for psychology symbol  Mind Control, Brain Washing, Hypnosis, Confidence Tricksters [Case Study: Abagnale]

Image result for psychology symbol  An Interview With A Serial Killer, Psychotic Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication [Case Study: Hannibal]

Image result for psychology symbol  Paradise Lost, Why Children Kill, School Shootings, Child’s Play [Case Study: Bartlam]

Image result for psychology symbol  Media Portrayal, Surveillance, Spirals of Moral Panic [Case Study: Boston Bombers]

Image result for psychology symbol  Daddy’s Home, Split & Multiple Identities [Case Study: Rader]

Image result for psychology symbol  Religious Cults, Formation, Indoctrination, Collective Suicide [Case Study: Heaven’s Gate]

Image result for psychology symbol  Obedience to Authority, Studies in Psychology, Following Evil, Compliance & Deindividuation

Image result for psychology symbol  Killing Me Softly, Attachment Theory, Spousal Murder, Detachment & Loss

Image result for psychology symbol  Assassins, Doctors of Death, The Hippocratic Oath [Case Study: Shipman]

Image result for psychology symbol  Stalkers, Profiling Perpetrators, Patterns of Perversion, Psychoanalysis, Phantasy & Reality

Image result for psychology symbol  Hidden In The Force, Police & Firefighters Criminal Behaviours, Motivations & Consequences

Image result for psychology symbol  Gangland, Initiation, Culture, Surrogacy, The Language of Tattoos, Tribal Motives

Image result for psychology symbol  The Ridiculous to the Sublime, Dumbest Criminals, Computer Game Killer, Area 51

*  Some course material may be considered explicit or graphic in content * 

People’s Reviews;

‘I wish I had known all this information when I was on the Force.  There really are no other courses anything like these, anywhere else’ ~ Graham – Retired Officer

‘Brilliant course.  I loved everything, the complete insight into the minds of murderers, what leads people to kill, the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths, the difference between male and female killers, blood splatter analysis and so much more.
I wish it could go on and on.  I would highly recommend to anyone’ ~ Michelle 

‘It only took one small talk with my friend to know this course is what can satiate my curiosity regarding forensic psychology.  The course itself proved to be beyond any of my expectations and I would gladly let all my friends know how worthy this course is’ ~ Julie – Mother & Administrator

‘Excellent study of the human mind. Highly recommended for beginners & advanced’ ~ Margaret

‘A window into the mind of killers and the power to dissect their crimes’ ~ Ben

‘Your knowledge is astounding!’ ~ Chris

‘The best course I have done.  Carole’s so knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed every session’ ~ Tina

‘Generally excellent and while only introductory level – very eye-opening!’ ~ Tony

  ‘Anybody supporting or working with people –
Excellent course which enables you to improve analytical skills’ ~ Anne

‘Carole’s unique teaching style means this was one of the most interesting and thought-provoking courses I have ever attended.  Thank you’ ~ Mary

‘Love your courses, love the content, want more!’ ~ Michelle

‘Carole is amazing at captivating a room and ensuring all class members use their knowledge to think like forensic psychologists.  Absolutely brilliant class and would recommend to anyone.  Really helped me realise my true passion’ ~ Claire

‘Carole is a fantastic teacher.  Her approach makes this complex subject so accessible.
She’s brilliant!’ ~ Marian

‘Carole is lovely, friendly, polite and absolutely love her style of teaching.  Have learnt a lot about forensic psychology and a lot about myself!’ ~ Tania

‘A comprehensive detailed course which challenged with new ideas and expands the mind.  Improved my thinking.  Great course, very enlightening’ ~ Carl

‘Another interesting course, opening lots of doors into topics that I always wanted to know more about’ ~ Andrea

‘There are no ways in which this course could be improved
– unless we could continue on for the next ten years!’ ~ John – Probation Officer

‘Carole is an excellent tutor and explains things fully.  We are so fortunate to be offered these
courses by Carole – no exams, just an interesting course with like-minded people’
I have definitely learned a lot’ ~ Val

‘Because I attended your courses and gained so much knowledge and confidence in my own abilities – I am ecstatic to say that I have now secured a place in my all-time favourite University’ ~ Wendy

‘Really enjoyable – wish the course would continue week after week – have signed up for the next course already.  I am now much more aware of how to see through and beyond what appears on the surface’ ~ Chloe

‘Carole has a great sense of humour
– I looked forward to the lectures every week and made sure I never missed one’ ~ Simon

‘An extensive variety of subjects covered – great class discussions – psychologically stimulating’ ~ Bob

A course suitable for all people from different backgrounds that is challenging yet enjoyable.
Don’t be afraid to try it’ ~ Pete – Police Officer

‘As ever, Carole has made this course most varied and informative. Thank you’ ~ Paul– City Analyst

‘Really fascinating – please record your words on audio
– I want to listen to what you just said all over again’ ~ Mary – Legal Services

‘Many light-bulb moments and great clarification by Carole on some previously difficult to understand concepts’ ~ Stephanie – Probation Assistant

‘Love the Jack the Ripper lecture.  Lots of facts and fast moving’ ~ June 

‘Right pace of learning, informative, interesting – don’t change a thing about it – perfect.  Thank you – so very enjoyable – would recommend it’ ~ Emma 

‘Really enjoyed the course, which enabled me to think more into a career in criminal forensics in the future’ ~ Rebecca