Thought Alchemy

Our mind is a wonderful place of creative imagination, invention, and play, but sometimes not all the thoughts that enter in, are the ones we want to have.  With so much information bombarding our senses, from internal and external origins, we can often feel consciously overwhelmed, wishing we had more authority over the inside of our minds. 

All behaviour begins in the mind, and the ability to master our thoughts is a priceless art.  With unpleasant and unwanted concepts seeming to replay on some automatic mind-loop, often, our positive thoughts too quickly evaporate in the corridors of overthinking. 

Thought Alchemy is one of eight lessons on the popular online study series ‘A Peaceful Mind’, however, the ability to transform our thinking is so important, that the opportunity to take this unique single tutorial, has now been specially made available.  In exploring the nature of ‘thoughts’, learning techniques for managing them, and developing secret strategies for transforming our internal world, we can release ourselves from being the recipients, into becoming the masters of thought alchemy.

What’s included;

    • Learn why we cannot ‘just stop thinking’, and then over-think
    • Explore the origin of our thoughts and why we become aware of them
    • Discover the role of the frontal cortex and defence mechanisms that drain resources
    • Develop strategies for instantly calming the mind
    • Raise awareness of your internal dialogue & dynamics
    • Learn what keeps us awake at night, and how to get swiftly to sleep
    • Comprehend the psychosomatic relationship between thoughts and our cellular bodies
    • Secret techniques for immediate release from unwanted thoughts
    • Become responsive, not reactive
    • Learn the priceless art of thought alchemy
    • Practice higher grade thought mastery

Lesson Overview;

Bringing together a spectrum of information from neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis, and personal development, this tutorial explains what is the problem with thinking, why do we over-think, what are thoughts and why do we have them, and what is the relationship between thought, emotion, and other motivators of our behaviour.  With discussion on the nature of positive and negative thinking, you will be taught exceptionally useful strategies for immediately calming the mind, relaxing your mind through the process of ‘thought watch’, improve your internal dialogue, create a refreshing space in the mind, develop techniques for thought alchemy, and strategies for higher-order thought mastery.

What you will receive;

• 30-minute audio tutorial
Invaluable techniques for dealing with all thoughts that enter your mind
•  Immediate access via your computer, tablet, or mobile device

•  Unlimited 24/7  listen again, pause, re-access & replay facility

People’s Reviews;

‘My thoughts were really distressing and bothering me.  The insights, ways of thinking, and strategies provided are a real eye-opener.  I can’t wait to get my mind back’ ~ Karen

‘Carole has helped me finally manage the monkeys in my mind’ ~ Greg

‘Such simple, yet powerful techniques that make a world of difference’ ~ Wendy

‘I’ve learned so much by taking this course.  It has changed the way I think about my thoughts.  I feel more peaceful already’ ~ Mark

Begin Now;

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Master the Secret Art of Thought Alchemy.


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