Spirituality for Beginners

Lecture Content:

‘Spirituality for Beginners’ is an introductory seminar exploring the discipline of Spirituality, the concept of living a spiritual life, and how to embody this in everyday experience.    The lecture begins with discussion on the concepts of soul, spirit, and the meaning of experience.  With original insight into the ego’s response to a rise in consciousness and the integration of aspects of self and the sudden emergence of psychic abilities, you will learn about the traditional and advanced chakra system that runs through the body, energy centres and auric fields, the power of crystals, healing therapies, and psychosomatic medicine.  Beginning your enquiry into how to cultivate a simple spiritual practice, you will explore the ‘ways up the mountain’, be informed of how to avoid the common pitfalls and dilemmas in psychological and spiritual transformation, how to work with the inner child through the heart chakra,  find and speak your truth, develop awareness of karma and the art of healing, how to restore balance through healing therapies and sound, and expand your awareness of symbolic sight, spiritual frequencies and communication, together with a new holographic perspective.

Date:            Wednesday 1st July 2020: 7pm-9pm
Price:            £15

There is no homework, reading, previous experience, or qualifications required to attend this event.  Lecture recordings stay active for one week. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and view all Q&A’s in the private lecture forums.

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