Social Influence & Obedience

Social influence studies in psychology examine the often shocking way in which an individual loses autonomy – the ability of independent thought -and changes their behaviour, thinking and sometimes even their own identity, in response to environmental influences.  Or in some cases, merely as a result of a complete stranger telling them to!

From subliminal social influences, through peer pressure, invisible conformity and directed obedience, in this single module, included as part of the Introduction to Psychology course, you will learn about experiences in psychology that will entirely change your perspective of your own unconscious behaviour and conscious autonomy.  Beginning with an overview of invisible psychological forces imposed on the individual, in this module, you will explore the concepts of conformity, obedience and deindividuation, discover why we conform, learn about social loafing and the extraordinary influence of the bystander effect, and cultural differences in psychological research. 

For anyone living or working in groups, and to raise personal and professional awareness of how our behaviour can drastically change as a result of simply being in the company of others, this module is an excellent eye-opener of the invisible pressures that influence our decisions.  By taking this module, you will significantly increase your understanding of psychological forces and phenomena and greatly improve your own autonomy and decision making.

Module Content:~

    • Discussion of how our behaviour changes due to the influence of other people
    • Differences and effects of social influence and conformity
    • Informational and normative social influence
    • Psychological studies examining factors affecting conformity
    • Milgram studies and Obedience
    • Deindividuation and individual responsibility
    • Social Loafing & The Bystander Effect
    • Individualism and collectivism in cultural differences
    • Factors affecting conformity and obedience

People’s Reviews;

‘Carole teaches in a lovely way and is always open to answer questions if you are unsure.  Amazing topics!’
(Georgia – Mum)

‘I was in the army and could relate to a lot of what I learned on this course’
(Robert – Captain)’

‘Enjoyed all of it.  Well put together.  Good balance – humour, discussion and theory’
(Helen – Administration Manager)

What’s Included;

    • Receive the full lesson recorded VIDEO [50:00] mins
    • Module taught by a professionally accredited subject-specialist in psychology and psychoanalysis
    • Lesson Summary Transcript Download
    • Test Your Knowledge Worksheet
    • No previous experience or qualifications necessary
    • No additional homework or examinations
    • Begin now and learn at your own pace and convenience
    • Unlimited 24/7 access, pause, replay & re-access facility
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Social Influence & Obedience


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