Psychopathology & Therapies

Psychopathology is described as the scientific study of abnormal behaviours, perceptions, thoughts and experiences. Traditionally categorised by symptom onset and presentation in psychiatry and abnormal psychology, research examines genetic factors, childhood trauma and life events for causational explanations of emergent maladaptive disorders.

In any enquiry into abnormality, however, we at first need to agree on a definition of normality, but can we?  In this highly fascinating, fully comprehensive module on Psychopathology and Therapies, previously only taught in live lectures as part of the Introduction to Psychology course, learn about the biological, behavioural, cognitive, and psychodynamic approaches and treatments of psychological disorders.

What’s included;

    • Discussion on ‘what is normal’ anyway?
    • Overview of Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Phobias, Agoraphobia & Delusions
    • Discussion & research into the medicalisation of mental disease
    • Characteristics of abnormal behaviour
    • The Disease Model: DSM & ICD classification of psychological disorders
    • Ethics, Issues and Debates
    • Biological, Behavioural, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Approaches
    • Assumptions and evaluations of approaches in psychopathology
    • Biological disease, infections and neurology
    • Unresolved unconscious conflicts in Neurosis
    • Freud’s Structural Model of Personality: Id, Ego and Superego
    • Ego defence mechanisms and Anxiety
    • Early childhood trauma and Conditioning
    • Social Learning Theory and Suicide
    • Cognitive biases and maladaptive schema formation
    • Psychological research and studies in psychopathology 
    • Comprehensive overview of therapies:  ECT, Psychosurgery, Drugs, Free Association, Dream Analysis, Projective Testing, Desensitisation, Flooding, CBT and Placebo’s 

What you will receive;

•  70-minute video webinar taught by a subject specialist
•  Immediate access via your computer, tablet, or mobile device
•  Unlimited 24/7  listen again, pause, re-access & replay facility

Begin Now;

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Psychopathology & Therapies.


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