Panic Attacks & How To Overcome Them

Panic attacks happen fast.  Triggered by an unseen, often unknown cause, panic attacks are a cascade of thoughts and feelings that suddenly bombard consciousness, making anyone feel awful.  In panic, it can feel as though the whole world suddenly falls away beneath us.   When the walls close in, in a downward spiral, an attack can be experienced in the mind as a loss of our grip and impending disaster. Making everything worse for any sufferer, in the absence of real understanding of what is happening in the brain, panic can download onto panic, overwhelming the mind with a sudden impulse to take action.  The defence mechanism of catastrophising is easily triggered. Stress can be increased when those around us seem unable to understand our experience or can offer support, and we ourselves lack the language to describe the sensations of psychological, emotional, and physical responses.  Sufferers often misperceive that anyone else can comprehend how frightening the experience is, how awful they really feel in the midst of an attack, or that they can recover from them.  

For anyone who has ever suffered a panic attack at home, in the supermarket, the waiting room, or the boardroom, who thinks they need to rely on external props, or other people for support, and for anyone who wants to not only learn how to successfully manage a panic attack on their own, but give themselves the greatest opportunity to recover from them altogether, this specially recorded webinar has been thoughtfully created for you.  Packed with new insights from evolutionary psychology, and information from neurology, psychoanalysis and animal psychology, you will uncover your own innate mechanism in the mind, that is the secret key to your recovery.

Webinar Overview;

This specially recorded webinar begins with a description of panic attacks and why they emerge at certain times in our lives.  With a comprehensive overview of the body’s natural chemical, hormonal, emotional, and psychological responses, attention is drawn to the normal scientific pattern of process from trigger to reset.  In uncovering an innate mind tool, dormant in evolutionary psychology, together with a full explanation of how to engage this essential mind mechanism, students are shown how to apply a simple technique for self-recovery in any real-world situation.

What’s included;

    • Learn about the four basic triggers of panic attacks & what to do about them
    • Explore information in evolutionary psychology that explains the real reasons why people experience panic
    • An overview of brain anatomy and natural neurological behaviour in a panic attack
    • The conscious mind’s response in overwhelm and bombardment
    • Discover the predictable, scientific pattern of a panic attack and physical responses
    • Uncover your own innate survival mechanism in the mind, and how and when to access and employ it
    • Learn simple strategies for dealing with and overcoming a panic attack in any situation 
    • Develop healthy automatic mind techniques and master habitual brain responses
    • Uncover the simple secret key to your psychological and emotional freedom

People’s Reviews;

‘I just don’t think anyone else knows this information about panic attacks.  I’m really glad for having taken this tutorial. Carole made immediate sense of my mind when I thought no-one would ever understand’ ~ Danny

‘I had the ability to manage in me after all, but I would never have known that without Carole showing me the ‘where and how’.  I’m eternally thankful’   ~ Tania

‘Just take this tutorial.’  ~ Andrew

What you will receive;

    • Receive the webinar VIDEO [30:00] minutes
    • Worksheet downloads for reflection, personal development & mastery
    • Receive numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away 
    • Begin now and study at your own pace and convenience
    • Unlimited 24/7 access, pause, replay & re-access facility
    • Login & Student Support
    • FREE subscription to private informational newsletters

Master the art of psychological and emotional freedom.


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