Panic Attacks & How To Manage Them

Lots of people experience anxiety, but panic attacks are something else!  They are at the other end of the worry scale – the far end.   Panic attacks happen fast.  Triggered by an often unseen, unknown cause, panic attacks are a cascade of thoughts and feelings that suddenly make anyone feel awful.  For those that really suffer, a panic attack can feel as though the whole world is suddenly falling away beneath them.  When all the walls are closing in, in a downward spiral, an attack is experienced in the mind as a loss of grip, an imminent disaster, where a physical death is misperceived as likely.  Making everything worse, in the absence of real understanding, sufferers panic on top of the panic and become overwhelmed with the sudden impusle to take immediate action – but what action?  The mechanism of catastrophising is easily triggered – when one thing goes, everything goes, or so sufferers believe.  What often increases stress, is that those around them seem unable or incapable of helping.  Without any concept of what an attack feels like, sufferers often believe that others have absolutely no idea of how bad they feel, alone in a frightening nightmare with no remedy and no way out.  But now, all that, is about to change!

‘Panic Attacks’ & how to manage them’ is a tutorial like no other. Containing never seen before footage and explanations, and packed with unique concepts & highly relevant useful information derived from a wealth of psychological, neuro-anatomical and psychoanalytical knowledge, Carole Sawo reveals the predictable anatomy of a panic attack and points to your own simple, yet powerful, in-born coping mechanism.  By taking this tutorial, not only will you discover a mind tool to help you navigate any panic attack, you’ll gain the greatest opportunity of mastering them and the potential of taking yourself on to a full recovery.

What you’ll learn;

✓   Discover the four basic triggers of panic attacks & what to do about them
✓   Uncover the evolutionary psychological reasons why people experience panic
✓   Learn about the neurology of panic attacks in the brain, and what is really going on in the mind’s interpretation
✓   Understand the  predictable anatomy of a panic attack found in science
✓   Develop simple strategies for navigating through a panic attack in any situation

✓   Learn about the natural stages of survival mechanisms and how to employ them
✓   Develop healthy automatic brain and psychological responses
✓   Discover how to upgrade unconscious programming & use it to reset, restore and bring peace back into your mind & body

Seminar Content;

This unique video seminar begins with a description of panic attacks and traces the anatomy of panic in the mind and body from beginning to end.  With a complete, yet easy to understand overview of the body’s natural chemical and psychological processes, and automatic responses to a perceived attack, this seminar addresses why a mind becomes overwhelmed into a state of panic and how you can learn to navigate it.  In revealing an entirely new concept of coping mechanism, already inherent in the animal brain, you will discover the dormant psychological tool for coping and recovery, that has been in your psychological toolbox from birth.

What you’ll receive;

  Full access to a 30 minute video tutorial presented by Carole Sawo on Panic Attacks
•  Lesson Worksheet download for reflection, development & progress
•  Useful, simple, practical strategies to apply right away

•  The flexibility of accessing the audio anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, mp3, computer or mobile devices
•  24/7  Listen Again, pause and replay facility
•  The BONUS opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’ and access private membership forums

Start Now;

All you need to do is click ‘start now’ below and you will receive full access to this 30-minute VIDEO tutorial on Panic Attacks.  Immediately after you register, you’ll find an email in your inbox with easy to follow login details.  It’s that simple!  Need any access support, we are always here and happy to help. With replay facility, you can access the lesson as many times as you would like and enjoy learning at your own convenience.

What People Are Saying;

‘I just don’t think anyone else knows this information about panic attacks.  I’m really glad for having taken this tutorial. Carole made immediate sense of my mind, when I thought no-one would ever understand’ (Greg)

‘I had the ability to manage in me after all, but I would never have known that without Carole showing me the where and how.  I’m eternally thankful’   (Tania)

‘Just take this tutorial.’  (Andrew)

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