Non-Verbal Communication (NVC)

Non-verbal communication (NVC) is often mistakenly referred to as simply the observation of physical ‘body language’.  But this ancient, invisible form of subconscious communication in perpetual motion, encompasses much more than that.  In non-verbal communication we examine everything that is communicated; from physical gestures, spatial distance, bodily orientation, and movement, to all the subtle micro transmissions conveyed in vocal paralinguistics.

This single module on non-verbal communication has previously only been taught at live lectures on courses in Psychoanalytic Observation and an Introduction to Psychology.  For anyone wishing to explore this fascinating form of unconscious communication, for personal interest, professional development, or educational purposes, this subject in social psychology is one that continues to intrigue and entertains many. 

Beginning with an overview of what really is non-verbal communication, including physical facial expressions, gestures, spatial distance, and other micro cues hidden in dialect, you will explore when we first learn this ancient art of transmission, how much of our communication is non-verbal, what role does paralinguistics really play in NVC, the impact of social media on relationships, and how we can really spot a liar!

What’s included;

    • Comprehensive explanations of the different presentations of NVC
    • Decoding information between and within species
    • Non-verbal communication in Social Learning Theory experiments 
    • Impact of Social Media communications
    • Why a non-verbal element is necessary for communication
    • Paralinguistics: definitions and examples
    • How to spot a liar using NVC
    • Eye-language and universal facial feature analysis
    • Cultural variations & haptics in non-verbal communication

What you will receive;

•  60-minute video webinar taught by a subject specialist
•  Immediate access via your computer, tablet, or mobile device
•  Unlimited 24/7  listen again, pause, re-access & replay facility

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Non-Verbal Communication.


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