Managing The Mind In Solitude & Separation

There are lots of times in life when we find ourselves completely alone. Often, these times are brought on by circumstances outside of our control.  Solitude, isolation or separation, mean different things to different people, depending entirely on our living circumstances, the extent of our prior experiences, and the resources in our psychological toolbox. When we are newly away from engaging with others, at first, we might feel fine, especially if we have chosen to be alone, but over time, our private thoughts, anxieties, mind dwellings, and wonderings can begin to back up, clog up, and obscure our view.  In sudden or multiple changes, we can feel overwhelmed, spun into a mind snowdome, uncontrollably catastrophising as our brain tries to cope amid a bombardment of emotions and thoughts from the past and the future. In separation, we can feel the draft as our former attachments begin to untie. 
In unfamiliar territory, we can lose our way, grip, purpose, structure, sight of tomorrow, and sometimes we can feel like we are losing a part of ourselves.  With all of this going on, it’s no wonder that our mind can begin to wobble.

Turning nocturnal, not washing, locking ourselves away from the world, all feedback into our subconscious mind, where we can become psychologically stuck.  However, all of the thoughts and feelings we experience are perfectly normal response to find ourselves alone.  Understanding the way the mind processes information, uses invisible yet vital energy, and adapts to our new environment, enables us to comprehend our experiences and re-balance. With the right information and a different perspective, we can begin to discover our own hidden resources and use the experience of solitude as a catalyst for enormous personal growth. 

For anyone living alone, or who experiences periods of solitude, being able to find your way through can often reap lifelong rewards, that bring with them a sense of emotional freedom and psychological peace.  In this course on Managing The Mind, you will be provided with a wealth of unique explanations on what is actually happening in your mind; together with mind-tips and strategies, illumination of our four bodies of wealth, why we need to take care of them, a practical daily plan download, your next purpose, and techniques to help focus the mind and lower the internal tension, providing structure, clarity, resolution, and calm relief.

Course Overview

Lesson 1:   Mind Strategies & Top Tips
Lesson 2:   The Four Bodies of Wealth for Restoration & Balance
Lesson 3:   The Daily Plan – An hour by hour guide to getting you through your day, and week
Lesson 4:   The Next Chapter – An orientation shift for personal progress

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What you’ll learn about;

    • Clear explanations of what is happening in your internal world
    • Psychological tips for immediate mind-balance recovery
    • Vital self-support techniques for panic recovery
    • Everyday practical strategies for restoring calm
    • A guide for personal growth through overcoming chaos
    • Subconsciously develop a higher self-worth
    • Understanding of your essential four bodies of wealth
    • The meaning of balance and how to achieve it
    • Comprehension of your mind and responses to external stressors
    • How to structure your day, week, and life
    • Safely move on, find purpose, and plan your next chapter

People’s Reviews;

‘This information is incredible, especially about the characters in my mind.  It’s helped me to understand more about what’s been happening in mine’  –  Mike

‘Now I don’t feel so alone.  I’ve got a renewed interest in the future’ – Tom

‘The daily plan is really useful.  It’s provided a structure but also left it open for me to make any adjustments to my own life – great’ – Emily

What’s Included;

    • Receive four audio recordings totalling [1:55:00] hrs
    • This course has been specially created by an academically qualified psychoanalyst and lecturer in personal progression
    • Includes bonus audios
    • Lesson Transcripts
    • Downloadable Worksheets
    • Personal Daily Plan Guides
    • Numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away
    • Begin now and learn at your own pace and convenience
    • Unlimited 24/7 access, pause, replay & re-access facility
    • Login & Student Support
    • FREE subscription to private informational newsletters

Managing The Mind. 


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Author: carole

Author, lecturer, pattern analyst and energy theorist, Carole Sawo QTS BSc (Hons) MA, is an academically accredited, professionally qualified subject-specialist, original field contributor & guest speaker with a clear perspective on the intricacies of the mind and behaviour. Uniquely teaching holographically, not just within but across the disciplines from visible science to invisible metaphysics, modern-day mystic Carole Sawo brings rare knowledge to the collective consciousness, writing, lecturing and publishing knowledge in Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Forensic Psychology, Psychopathology, Philosophy, Symbolism, Pattern Analysis, Metaphysics, Mythology, and Mysticism.