Levels of Consciousness

If you think there are just two opposing states of consciousness – conscious and unconscious – then you have another thought coming.  If human consciousness is that area where you can fathom, the place of intelligent awareness, planning, and logical reasoning, then where does that place exist, and more importantly for full comprehension, where do the thoughts and projections into consciousness originate from?

For anyone wishing to study depth psychology and analysis, metaphysics; the archetypal realm, expand their awareness of multiple states of consciousness, and the influence of consciousness outside of our own, or for anyone on the path of enlightenment, this entirely unique class is not to be missed. Leading the field in contemporary perception, Carole Sawo advances awareness and fully explains her original theory of manifold levels of consciousness from the individual to the collective mind, into higher states of etheric intelligence.


Date:          Tuesday 1st March 2022
Time:          7-8 p.m.  London GMT [Followed by Q&A]
Venue:        Online @ Hebe College via Zoom
Register:    £12.50

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