Extrasensory Perception E.S.P.

There are many extraordinary, supernatural tools laying dormant in the psychological toolbox.  Psychic ability, for example, is not a gift, nor does the person utilising such abilities have any ‘magical powers’.  Psychic ability is the umbrella name for a range of human potentials for receiving information outside of the ordinarily recognised five senses.   Clairvoyance, mediumship, psychometry, clairaudience, precognition, remote viewing, clairsentience, and telepathy, are all examples of innate human abilities explored in this workshop on Extrasensory Perception E.S.P.

Date:          Tuesday 24th May 2022

Time:          7-8 p.m.  London GMT [Followed by Q&A]
Venue:        Online via zoom
Register:    £15.00

** This class contains material of an advanced psychological/metaphysical nature.  Terms Apply.  Registration signifies acceptance.  18+ years.  Hebe House Ltd.© All Rights Reserved **