Dream Analysis

Dreams are the gateway to the unconscious.  Some dreams are pleasant, some are not, but every night all humans need to sleep, and often we dream, but why?  Is the dream just a collection of wish fulfilments and desires, or random images that appear in semi-conscious states, or is there a purpose for dreaming?   When dreams seem so irrational, do they have any relevance at all to our waking life, and do the characters and images that appear, have any real significance?   During the day, our conscious mind is alert, aware, and awake, but how and why is it, that during the night, when our waking mind sleeps, our sleeping mind wakes?

It is estimated that we dream for approximately 2 hours a night, but why is it that some people remember their dreams when others do not?  Is there any meaning of a recurring dream? Can we use symbolism to analyse our subconscious mind, and is there an upside to a nightmare?  Answers to these and other intriguing questions are fully explained.  In sleep, we enter into a phantasy world, in which we explore the mysterious landscape of the dream realm.  When we wake, we can learn how to speak the language of the subconscious mind, decode our dreams, and use them to inform us about our everyday lives.

Class Outline;

Δ   Learn why we sleep and dream
Δ   Develop awareness of brain anatomy, the pineal gland & neurological changes in sleep
Δ   Understand Sleep Stages & REM (Rapid Eye Movement) in Dream Sleep
Δ   Explore States of Consciousness & the importance of Sleep
Δ   Freud on dream interpretation, & symbols of transformation
Δ   Learn to Speak The Language of the Unconscious
Δ   SAD, Insomnia, Parasomnia, & Natural Techniques for Sleep
Δ   Comprehend why we dream of cars, flying, & running around a house?
Δ   Precognition and Prophecy & The Nightmare
Δ   Recurring dreams & their meaning
Δ   Discover common dream symbols
Δ   Learn how to analyse your own dream

Opportunity Bonus;

In class, you will be taught about the language of the unconscious by an accredited lecturer in psychoanalysis, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, have your own dreams decoded, and learn how to make your future dreams work for you.

Live Class Details;

Date:        Tuesday 20th April 2021
Time:        7pm-8pm GMT
    via zoom
Register:   £10


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