Developing Intuition

Great detectives, scientists, and artists use intuition every day.  Like psychic ability, intuition is not a gift bestowed on special people – it’s an ancient, evolutionary method of perceptual communication that everyone is born with.  Operating outside of logical human consciousness, some people are able to utilise the skill of intuition well into adulthood, whilst others seem to have forgotten how, lost access, or decide, or have been taught by convention, that if you cannot see it, it does not exist.   Intuition is never included in conventional lists of the human senses, but as our 6th sense, it most certainly does exist.  Animals use intuition every day and we too still have animal brain. 

Intuition is one of human kinds better psychological tools, and a radar to help us navigate the ever-changing world in which we live.  In this specially recorded LIVE Workshop on Developing Intuition, you will learn how to re-connect with your own intuition, where to locate it in the body, how to access and utilise intuition to make informed decisions – and where in the mind to go to ask the right questions and hear the wisest intuitive answers.

What you’ll learn;

✓    Learn how to utilise your intuition every day
✓    Differentiate between intuitive information and the conscious mind
✓    Where to locate intuition in the body
✓    Learn strategies for accessing your internal wisdom
✓    Avoid the pitfalls of ego spiritualisation
✓    Understand the difference between intuition and psychic ability
✓    Utilise intuition to help with decision making
✓    Develop your own ‘gut trust’
✓    Discover how to get in touch with your internal Wise Man Archetype
✓    Move through energy blocks for optimum energetic health
✓    Implement exercises for developing your own intuition

Workshop Content;

Beginning with an overview of the mechanisms of intuition, this live workshop teaches where to locate intuition in the body and how to reconnect with intuitive communication.   With guided imagery on how to access your own source of eternal wisdom, learn how to utilise imagination when decoding intuition.    This unusual workshop teaches the practices of using intuition in everyday life, helping you comprehend what is really going on, and how to navigate your choices and decisions with the art of developing intuition.

What you’ll receive;

•  Access to the LIVE Workshop recording (30 minutes) on Developing Intuition
•  Useful, simple, practical strategies to develop and utilise intuition
•  The flexibility of accessing the audio anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, mp3, computer or mobile devices
•  24/7  Listen Again, pause and return facility
•  Access to the private lesson and Q & A Forums
•  The BONUS opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’


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