Developing Intuition

Great detectives, scientists, and artists use intuition every day.   Traditionally, the common senses of perception include taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound, however, humans do have a sixth sense, and that is intuition.  As with psychic ability, intuition is not a gift, bestowed on special people.  It’s an ancient method of perceptual communication that is innate in everyone. Operating outside of the logical, testable human consciousness, some people grow out of their belief in a 6th sense and forget how to access their own intuition.  While for others, they continue to utilise this highly valuable skill well into adulthood. 

Animals naturally use intuition and heightened senses throughout their life, and we too still have animal-brain.   Intuition is one of humankind’s better psychological tools, and a radar to help us navigate the ever-changing world in which we live.  In this class on Developing Intuition, you will learn how to re-connect with your own intuition, where to locate it within the body, and how to use it to make informed decisions, even in the absence of observable information. 

Class Outline;

∞   Intuitive information & the conscious mind
∞   Where to locate intuition in the body
∞   Strategies for accessing your internal wisdom
∞   Pitfalls of ego spiritualisation
∞   The difference between intuition and psychic ability
∞   Utilising intuition in decision making
∞   Develop your own ‘gut trust’
∞   Discover how to get in touch with your internal Wise Man Archetype
∞   Move through energy blocks for optimum energetic health
∞   Exercises for developing your own intuition
∞   Intuition in everyday life

Live Class Details;

Date:        Tuesday 22nd June 2021
Time:        7pm-8pm GMT
via zoom

Developing Intuition


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