Create the Life You Want

In the world in which we live today, with so many uncertainties and things seemingly ‘up in the air’, is it really possible to create the life we want?   The answer to that question is, given all the changes, yes.  This is exactly the right time to begin manifesting the life you really want.

Learning about the universal laws and principles of magnets has never been a secret, it is a scientifically observable phenomenon, operating since time began.  Only a few, however, have understood the attractive power in thought-energy or knew how to consciously and unconsciously harness it.

This online seminar has shown incredible results with previous attendees, even as the seminar was in process.  In class, you will be shown exactly how to ‘create the life you want’; release yourself from your past programming, bring your dreams into full focus reality, invoke providence, and create the life you want.

Date:          Tuesday 11th January 2022
Time:          7-8 p.m.  London GMT 
Venue:        Online Class @ Hebe College (via zoom)
Register:    £10

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