Are you losing it, or getting it?  It’s hard to tell, especially if you have no prior knowledge about the more extraordinary experiences of mind transitions, or the metaphysical occurrences that enter a mind in any spiritual awakening.   When our internal world takes on a rather strange outlook, our sensory system suddenly ramps up the frequency, and psychic ability rises in collaboration with a Kundalini Rising, this very real and confusing experience can leave many wondering.  In this entirely unique opportunity of mind education with an experienced analyst in psychological and spiritual phenomena, Carole Sawo provides essential information for anyone, who by the practice of meditation, mindfulness, or simply going about their ordinary life, experiences a spontaneous awakening.

Date:          Tuesday 15th March 2022
Time:          7-8 p.m.  London GMT [Followed by Q&A]
Venue:        Online via zoom
Register:    £15

** This class contains material of an advanced psychological/metaphysical nature.  Terms Apply.  Registration signifies acceptance.  18+ years.  Hebe House Ltd.© All Rights Reserved **