Anxiety – & the way to beat it!

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life, but how is it that some people seem to manage to live their lives fully, whilst for others, the walls of insecurity become a prison of disappointment and upset, of missed opportunities and unreachable dreams?  The main reasons why people find it hard to break out of the habitual chains, are because they believe ‘anxiety’ is one thing and they have no ability to beat it.  Sometimes learning the full language and re-describing anxiety into its truer and lesser experiences, such as ‘apprehension’, ‘nervousness’, ‘separation anxiety’, ‘performance concerns’, can help identify the real cause of suffering.   Addressing, accommodating and rethinking anxiety, can provide an immediate sense of mastery over something that has previously evaded our ability to manage.  In a moment of clarity, we can often connect with understanding in a way that really helps us make sense of what is happening within our body and our mind.  Often, all it takes to recover and release ourselves from a lifetime of suffering is a very simple, yet profound, shift in our perception.

Traditionally, anxiety is described as a psychological disorder, however, in this ground-breaking live seminar recording, Carole Sawo presents her completely new perspective; that everyday anxiety is not your problem, it’s a symptom of your problem, caused by one of only three possibilities.  With a refreshing solution found in evolutionary psychology, discover your own innate coping mechanisms that you can access right away.  Learn how to rethink the whole physical and psychological processes described as anxiety, and most importantly, discover how to beat it.  

What you’ll learn;

✓   Discover the three basic triggers of everyday anxiety
✓   Understand the natural neurological/brain & chemical responses
✓   Learn a completely new perspective
✓   Discover your natural evolutionary coping mechanism
✓   Develop highly useful practical techniques to beat anxiety
✓   Release yourself from the shackles that have bound you
✓   Relax and begin to live the life you have always really wanted

Seminar Content;

Beginning with an overview of anxiety, and who gets it, you will be guided through the commonly perceived causes and treatments, together with the problems that prevent recovery.  In identifying useful terminology, the seminar addresses social anxiety, agoraphobia, phobias (general), post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  With a completely new perspective derived from understanding of neurology, evolutionary psychology, psychoanalysis, and everyday experience, this seminar identifies the three reasons for anxiety, together with offering empowering practical strategies for everyday management, that really work to beat it.

What you’ll receive;

•  Full access to a 90 minute live audio recording of this specially organised lecture, packed with information to fully explain what anxiety is, why we have it & how to beat it!
•  Numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away and retain for life
•  The flexibility of accessing the audio anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, computer, audio or mobile devices
•  24/7  Listen Again, pause and replay facility
•  The BONUS opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’ and access private membership forums

Start Now;

All you need to do is click ‘start now’ below and you will receive immediate access to the full 90 minute live audio recording of this specially organised seminar.   Immediately after payment, you’ll find an email in your inbox with easy to follow login details.  It’s that simple!  Need any access support, we are always here and happy to help. With replay facility, you can access the lesson as many times as you would like and enjoy learning at your own convenience.

What People Are Saying;

‘I can honestly say that after years of struggling, my life completely changed for the better due entirely to something Carole said in this seminar’   (Gill)

‘Carole really does have a fantastic way of seeing and describing in easily understandable terms, what other people seem unable to do’ (Monica)

‘I wish I had had this information years ago.  It feels like I’ve just been freed from a mind-cage by nothing more than Carole’s different perspective.  Just incredible!’   (Sally)

‘This tutorial is a life-saver.  It arrived at exactly the moment I really needed to take it.  Thank you for your insight’  (John)

Give yourself the gift of a completely new & un
ique perspective
and put yourself back in the driving seat of your life today!

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