Anatomy of the Ego

The ego, intrinsic to our psychology, is often the enigma that is blamed when things go psychologically, or spiritually wrong.  But what is this integral invisible quantity in the mind?  Where does it live, why do we have an ego, and what happens when the ego boundary is breached?  Beginning with an overview of the mind interior, in which the ego is topographically mapped in conscious and unconscious states, this extremely rare workshop teaches the evolutions of ego development, from birth, through internal dynamics, and even through and beyond the death of the ego.  Here you will learn a completely new theory of ego development, contributed by Carole Sawo, that frontiers contemporary thinking, with a unique perspective on the spiritualisation of the ego, and an entirely new theory of a 4th Stage of Ego development. 

Date:          Thursday 10th February 2022

Time:          7-8 p.m.  London GMT [Followed by Q&A]
Venue:        Online via zoom
Register:    £12.50

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