Analysis of Aggression

Everyone gets fed-up or short-tempered from time to time, but why are some people prone to outbursts of violent behaviour?  Where does aggression come from?  Why does it suddenly flare-up, creating havoc all around?  How are some people able to manage their aggression, when others seem so trigger happy and are not?

In this excellent analysis of aggression, the evolutionary origins and behavioural manifestations of male and female aggression are fully explained.  With new insights, comprehensive understanding, and discussion from neuroscience to depth psychology, this lecture, included on the Introduction to Psychology (1) course, has been made specially available to take as a single lesson.  Beginning in child development, explore the age that aggression first appears, and why?  How our psychological and emotional behaviour is linked with hormonal influences, powerful subconscious impulses, and the role of socio-economic factors and cognitive priming in aggressive behaviour.  From analytical observations of group mind and case studies in forensic psychology, this lecture provides a complete overview of the root causes of aggression, and strategies for management and reduction.

What’s included;

    • Overview of the causes of male and female aggression
    • Childhood development, early influences and conditioning
    • Correlation of hormones, libido (sex drive) and psychopathology
    • Evolutionary theory and animal brain
    • Predator behaviour and precursors that underpin outbursts
    • Biological theory, the limbic system, hormones and brain anatomy
    • Emotional coding, memory and the Amygdala
    • Aggression towards others and the self
    • Unconscious bipolar drives in instinctual impulses
    • Frustration-aggression and triggers of outbursts
    • Learning theory, cognitive priming and group aggression
    • Strategies for reducing aggression

What you will receive;

 60-minute video lecture
•  Immediate access via your computer, tablet, or mobile device
•  Unlimited 24/7  listen again, pause, re-access & replay facility

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