A Peaceful Mind ~ Calming, Clearing & Getting Organised

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What’s makes for a peaceful mind?   Money, health, beauty – someone else?  The truth is, some people already have these things, but their mind is still unrested.  Often, life events, or other people, can have such an overwhelming impact on us psychologically, emotionally, and even physically, that we become confused, disoriented, tearful, and discontent. Trying to cope and navigate life with a muddled mind is a daunting, if not impossible, prospect.  We dream that ‘one day when’, then we will be happy, then we will enjoy life and have a peaceful mind.  

Most people want the same things; to feel welcome, safe, peaceful and loved.  But what if having a peaceful mind wasn’t about waiting until some time in the future, attaining possessions, people, or a new place?  How nice would it be to have everything organised, so that the week didn’t involve lurching over last-minute muddled hurdles, losing time, energy, and momentum along the way?  Not to mention being able to avoid the emotional beating ourselves up for all the things we forgot to attend to and all the things we really wanted to do but just couldn’t find the time.  What if having a peaceful mind was simply about knowing how?  This course offers a great opportunity to raise your awareness of when and how to clear out the debris in the mind, how to get internally organised, learn new healthy thought processes, and develop the ability to return, at any moment, to a place of inner tranquility and calm?  

For anyone in need of a complete life pause and rethink, A Peaceful Mind invites you to get off the crazy-mind treadmill, to breathe for a moment, take stock of where you are, refresh your perspective, and begin again really simply, not by doing more, but by doing less.  From the very first lesson, you will learn the art of easily organising your life, where to put all the thoughts that have been worrying you, how to relax in the moment, deal with toxic people, develop essential boundaries, gain greater awareness of how to manage your own mind, and how to begin the process of calmly creating the peaceful internal and external worlds that you really want to live in.  

Course Overview

A Peaceful Mind has been designed into three levels.  Level 1: Calming, Clearing and Getting Organised, is a very practical level created for everyone as a beginner’s guide to the mind behaviour and personal progression.  The additional beauty of this introductory level is that no matter where you are, that is exactly where to begin.  This course comprises eight lessons complete with summary transcripts, questions for reflection, and diary and journal downloads that cover the following areas:-

    •  From the start of lesson 1, learn how to release emotional tension
    •  Understand what causes a loss of internal harmony and a drop in energy
    •  Learn how to return to your natural state of peace, and where to start
    •  Brain & mind anatomy overview, and the act of integration
    •  Develop awareness of memory functioning, attachment formation, and relationship dynamics
    •  Examine your habits, subliminal perception and unconscious programming
    •  Learn when, where, and how to clear out the debris that’s been clogging up your mind
    •  Practice mind strategies to apply right away, to get organised, release, restore, and calm the internal noise
    •  Raise immediate awareness of invisible boundaries and learn why they are essential for a healthy mind
    •  Develop applicable techniques for managing difficult situations and toxic people
    •  Learn the ability to rebalance your energy system and restore clarity 
    •  Discover how to deal with monkey mind and re-establish congruence
    •  Learn the invaluable art of an entirely new concept, thought alchemy
    •  Transform worry and negative thoughts into automatic positive thinking
    •  Develop techniques for maintaining a lovely peaceful mind in future

Lesson Topics:

People’s Reviews;

‘The lesson on boundaries alone was a huge eye-opener, it has made me make some big changes in my life – for the better ~ Eve

Amazing course, I leave each lesson questioning everything.  It has helped in my own profession and the development of myself as a person ~ Sally

‘Carole’s unique teaching style means this was one of the most interesting and thought-provoking courses I have ever taken.  Thank you’  ~ Rhianna

‘I have learned so much by taking this course, that should have been obvious, but wasn’t before now – there really are too many things to list. Thank you’ ~ Lynn

‘I really liked the reflection questions at the end’  ~ Christine

What’s Included;

    • Receive Eight Lessons  x8 AUDIOS [4:00:00] hrs in total
    • Includes accompanying lesson summary transcripts
    • Includes downloadable worksheets for reflection questions
    • Includes Diary & Journal downloads for organisation & emotional progression
    • This course has been specially created by an academically qualified psychoanalyst and lecturer in personal progression
    • Numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away 
    • Begin now and study at your own pace and convenience
    • Unlimited 24/7 access, pause, replay & re-access facility
    • Login & Student Support
    • FREE subscription to private informational newsletters

Bring calm back into your peaceful mind.


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