Anxiety – & the natural way to beat it!

At some point in everyone’s life, they experience what is commonly described as anxiety.  For some, the walls of insecurity become a prison of disappointment and upset, of missed opportunities and unreachable dreams, but for others, it is dismissed as nothing more than a by-product of being human.  The main reason why people find it hard to break out of the habitual chains is that they believe ‘anxiety’ is a permanent disorder, and that they have no ability to beat it.  However, sometimes learning the full language of anxiety, and re-describing it into its truer presentations, such as ‘apprehension’, ‘nervousness’, ‘separation anxiety’, or ‘performance concerns’, and examining the role of context, can help identify the apparent rise in internal tension, pointing the way to recovery.    

Fully exploring the concept of anxiety, when and why we have it, and how we can gain mastery over something that has previously evaded our ability to manage it, can all be achieved with the right information.  In a moment of clarity, we can often connect with real understanding in a way that helps us make sense of what is happening within our body and our mind.  Often, all it takes to recover and release ourselves from a lifetime of suffering is a very simple, yet profound shift in our perception.

Anxiety & the natural way to beat it is highly recommended for anyone who is suffering from what has traditionally been described as a psychological disorder, with an entirely new and refreshing perspective, and an overview of the anatomy of anxiety, you will discover your own innate coping mechanism, learn how to rethink the physical and psychological processes described as anxiety, and most importantly, discover how to naturally beat it.

Lecture Overview;

This specially recorded Live Lecture video begins with an overview of anxiety, and who, when, and why we experience it, you will be guided through the commonly perceived causes and treatments, together with the problems that prevent recovery.  In identifying useful terminology, the lecture addresses social anxiety, agoraphobia, phobias (general), post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the impact of life events.  With a completely new perspective derived from an understanding of neurology, evolutionary psychology, psychoanalysis, and everyday experience, this lecture identifies the three reasons for anxiety, together with teaching numerous empowering practical strategies for everyday management and recovery.

What’s included;

    • Discover the three basic triggers of everyday anxiety
    • Understand the natural neurological/brain & chemical responses
    • Explore the common causes & alleviate the symptoms naturally
    • Thorough overview of traditional therapies & approaches
    • Learn a completely new perspective of OCD, PTSD, GAD & Agoraphobia
    • Discover your natural evolutionary coping mechanism
    • Learn how Olympic athletes overcome performance anxiety
    • Develop highly useful practical strategies to beat anxiety
    • Release from old programming & the shackles that have bound you
    • Relax and begin to live the life you have always really wanted

What People Are Saying;

‘I can honestly say that after years of struggling, my life completely changed for the better due entirely to something Carole said in this seminar’  ~ Jill

‘Carole really does have a fantastic way of seeing and describing in easily understandable terms, what other people seem unable to do’ ~ Monica

‘I wish I had had this information years ago.  It feels like I’ve just been freed from a mind-cage by nothing more than Carole’s different perspective’ ~ Sally

‘This tutorial is a life-saver.  It arrived at exactly the moment I really needed to take it.  Thank you for your insight’  ~ Carl

What you will receive;

    • Receive the full Live Lecture Recorded VIDEO [1:30:00] hrs
    • This seminar has been specially created by an academically qualified psychoanalyst and lecturer in personal progression
    • Numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away
    • Begin now and learn at your own pace and convenience
    • Unlimited 24/7 access, pause, replay & re-access facility
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Anxiety and the natural way to beat it.


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How to Get Over Your Ex

* Top Five Most Popular Course *

The moment we meet a potential mate, whether in person or online, we immediately begin to form a bond with them, known as an attachment. Bond-forming is part of human nature, it is that through which we connect and communicate with other people.  In healthy relationships, there is a shared investment of affection and attention in the bond, which we commonly think of as love.  When someone opts out of the relationship, however, they may physically leave, but the invisible bonds that united us are not cut, and it is through them that we haemorrhage at the heart.

We might even wish that we could be over our ex, but it’s as though they have some kind of magnetic force over us and the thought of them keeps us going back, if not in reality, then in our mind.  Some relationships, however, move very fast, and the length of time we spent with them is no estimate of how long it will take us to get over our ex.  Getting over them has little to do with our willpower.  There are other chemical, psychological, emotional reasons, and even universal forces at work, that keep us bound to our ex, long after they leave.  Understanding these powerful invisible influences, and the number one reason that keeps us bound, has the ability to enable us to finally turn the key, retrieve our heart, move on, and happily get over our previous relationship.

This entirely original content course is for anyone who is struggling to get over their ex.  Uniquely bringing together a wealth of information from neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis, personal development, and philosophy, this series has been specially designed for anyone who is struggling to get over their ex and who just cannot seem to move on, or for anyone who keeps going back and then wishes they hadn’t.  No matter if your relationship lasted two weeks, two years, or much longer, the same strategies and information presented here will apply.  By taking this course you will learn enormously valuable lessons for life, that can assist in better relationship formation in the future.  The techniques and information provided in this course are not found anywhere else.  In learning them, you can move on to a more contented state of mind, and heart, develop a more positive outlook, and naturally begin to feel happier.

Course Overview

How to Get Over Your Ex consists of eight audio lessons and readable transcripts, with additional Steps to Moving On in every lesson.  

Lesson Topics:

Lesson 1:    Keeping the Memory Alive
Lesson 2:    Keeping the Phantasy Going
Lesson 3:    Comparing Them with Your Ex
Lesson 4:    The Relationship Saboteur
Lesson 5:    Thoughts Have Energy
Lesson 6:    Signalling to the Universe
Lesson 7:    Collecting the Parts of Yourself
Lesson 8:    Getting the Best Out and Moving On

What’s included:

    • Discover the number one reason why you can’t get over your ex
    • Learn about the biology of love, chemicals, & oxytocin 
    • Uncover the invisible, unconscious yet powerful forces that still binds you to your ex
    • Understand the way memory really works in your brain, & why your ex is still ‘on your mind’
    • Examine the behaviour of the archetypal relationship saboteur playing out in all of your encounters
    • Free yourself from the emotional hooks that keep you bound to your ex 
    • Learn how to recover from disbelief and disappointment, & develop techniques for a healthier mind
    • Free yourself from any co-dependent dynamics or need to save them or to be rescued yourself
    • Re-write your signals to the Universe, & discover how to untie previous rituals, binding ceremonies or tattoos
    • Learn about the characters at play in the unconscious; the Internal Cinderella, & The Hero
    • Begin a conversation with your heart, & learn how to nurture yourself from the inside
    • Collect and reconnect with the forgotten parts of yourself through imagination techniques, & meditation
    • Apply healthy emotional and psychological techniques for healthy relationship formation
    • Create and resurrect important boundaries in your mind, & your life
    • Release yourself from the past, that is preventing you from having a great future
    • Discover how to get the most out of that relationship, & happily move on
    • Review your spiritual scrip, & discover your why
    • Re-energise your heart, your mind, & your life

People’s Reviews;

‘My life was paralysed.  I just couldn’t move on and it was bringing not only me but everyone else down.  Mostly I was tired of dealing with the pain of losing my ex.  It was like being in a fog.  From this course, I learned valuable psychological and emotional lessons that enabled me to renew my perspective from the moment I started.  Today I feel stronger and lighter, and much freer to move on now, and meet a new love’ ~ Jane

‘It’s not something I wanted to share with my mates, but it was like I was carrying a weight around, not interested in meeting anyone else.  I know everyone wondered what was up with me, but I couldn’t get over her on my own, I just needed to know the stuff I read here,
and now I can see why I was hooked up for so long’ ~ Dave

What you will receive;

    • Receive Eight Lessons  x8 AUDIOS [3:00:00] hrs in total
    • This course has been specially created by an academically qualified psychoanalyst and lecturer in personal progression
    • Receive accompanying lesson summary transcripts
    • Free ‘Steps to Moving on Guide’ at the end of every lesson
    • Receive numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away 
    • Begin now and study at your own pace and convenience
    • Unlimited 24/7 access, pause, replay & re-access facility
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    • FREE subscription to private informational newsletters

    Reclaim your heart, your mind, your self,
    & your new life today.


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