Synchronicity & the Soul Mate

This is not what you think … but then most things rarely are!  ‘Synchronicity & the Soul Mate’ is a staggeringly illuminating seminar that explores the entire holographic concept of having a ‘soul mate’.

Within this class you will be shown the seemingly coincidental happenings that begin when you meet a mate for your soul, and why and when you meet them.  Learn about the phenomenal physical, emotional and spiritual experiences of ‘amazement’ and how to manage the powerful energy dynamics when meeting a soul mate.

Class Outline;

♥    Holographic us
♥    Enter the soul mate
♥    Why do we long for a soul mate?
♥    Who are our soul mates?
♥    Phenomenal experiences of Amazement
♥    Managing the energy dynamics when meeting a soul mate
♥    When & why you really meet them?


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