Spirituality [Introduction & Intermediate]

The spiritual realm is a fascinating and truly amazing world of synchronicities and divine interventions, and now, more than ever, people are waking to the idea of fully encompassing a spiritual practice into their everyday human experience.  In this overly materialised world, spirituality leads us through the process of insights and transformation, back to our authentic selves, where we can find deeper meaning, understanding, and peace. Spirituality can perhaps be described as the individual pursuit of connecting with the immaterial realm.  Unlike religion, which is largely a group practice, spirituality is the personal and private communion with divine beings and spiritual energies greater than ourselves. 

Bringing all worlds together in this previously recorded combination live lecture/online class on Spirituality for Beginners & Advanced, those new, and even familiar with the spiritual path, are taught core principles and essential basic foundations to underpin psycho-spiritual development.  Beginning with discussion on the concepts of soul, spirit, and the meaning of experience, Carole Sawo brings together old school knowledge with original insight into the ego’s response to a rise in consciousness, the integration of aspects of self, and the sudden emergence of psychic abilities, the traditional and advanced chakra centres that run through the body, subtle energy and auric fields, karma, the power of crystals, the OM & sensory perception in spiritual communication, and healing therapies. 

This unique opportunity to study Spirituality is highly recommended for those wishing to begin or further develop their own spiritual practice, learn about decoding symbolism, understand the ‘ways up the mountain’, importantly avoid the common pitfalls, chaos, and dilemmas in psychological and spiritual transformation, and expand comprehension on psychosomatic medicine, life scripts, Spiritual Law, and an entirely new holographic perspective of conscious perception. 

Topics Covered; 

    • Core principles & essential basic foundation
    • Life scripts & Spiritual Law
    • Ego, shadow, & rise in consciousness
    • Finding meaning and happiness in deeper connections with spirit
    • Metaphysical principles of energy
    • Traditional and advanced chakra system
    • Colour spindles & sensory perception
    • Subtle and Auric energy bodies
    • The power of crystals
    • Healing therapies
    • OM, Sound & Sensory frequencies
    • Psychosomatic Medicine
    • The emergence of psychic abilities
    • Cleansing & Grounding
    • Avoiding spiritual pitfalls
    • Symbolic sight & holographic vision
    • How to create your own spiritual practice

People’s Reviews;

‘Wow, great course.  Lots of people will benefit from this’ ~ Adam

‘I’ve practiced spirituality and meditation for years, but realise after taking this lecture that I have been rather naive.  Thank you for sharing’ ~ Janet

‘Learning about grounding and how to close down was beneficial, I really appreciate you sharing as lots of people tell you how, but not how to protect your own energy system’ ~ Tina

‘I’m reinspired by this lecture. It’s made me want to cleanse my crystals I’ve not used for years’ ~ Margaret

 ‘Thank you so much for sharing such in-depth information’ ~ Kate

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