Spirituality for Beginners

‘Spirituality for Beginners’ is an introductory seminar exploring the concept of living a spiritual life and how to embody this in everyday experience.   

Learn about chakras, energies, crystals and healing therapies, and begin your enquiry into how to cultivate a simple spiritual practice; explore the ‘ways up the mountain’, avoid the common pitfalls and dilemmas in psychological and spiritual transformation, and expand your awareness of symbolic, holographic perspectives.  

Wednesday 1st July 2020: 7pm
Price:           £15

Once you have completed registration, you will receive automatic electronic confirmation.  On the evening of the lecture, you will receive email notification with access to the lecture. You can re-access the lecture as many times as you wish for one week.  All those registered also have the opportunity to ask questions, and view all Q&A’s by other classmates in the private lecture forums.

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*   No previous experience or qualifications required.  No homework or assessments 
*  Age Limit & Terms Apply