Psychological Mechanisms of Defence

The mind is full of defence mechanisms that operate outside of our conscious awareness.  Whilst some function to protect our mind, others activate that sabotage our relationships, conversations and opportunities. 

This class on the Psychological Mechanisms of Defence, raises awareness of when, how and why we employ defence mechanisms.  In addition to locating the defences anatomically in the brain, you will be shown a spectrum of mind psychodynamics.  With comprehensive discussion on the different states of consciousness and the dichotomy between phantasy & reality, you will discover the number 1. superior defence mechanism in the mind, that will enable you to manage many of life’s challenges.

Class Outline;

Ω   What are psychological defence mechanisms?
Ω   Where in the mind are they located?
Ω   Do we need mind defences?
Ω   Phantasy & Reality
Ω   Psychoanalytic Defence Mechanisms explained
Ω   The No.1 Superior Mechanism of Life Defence

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