How to Meditate

We live in an ever-changing world.  Sometimes we are bombarded by noise, misperception, and materialism.   Other times we find ourselves in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, stress, and anxiety.   In times like never before, what we need is to find a place of inner calm, to be able to rest and rebalance ourselves in the moment, wherever we happen to be. 

Meditation doesn’t have to be something we do as a spiritual pursuit only, but in the general art of living, learning how to calm down, find meaning, a peaceful life – at work, at home, and within ourselves.  Whether you wish to find a place of stillness within, need to learn how to relax, stop the mind-chatter, find a deeper sense of meaning, reconnect with your spiritual self, or if you are just curious about the experience, this seminar on How to Meditate teaches the art and practice of meditation. 

Beginning with an overview of the benefits of meditation, such as the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical, psychological, and emotional health, you will learn about brain wave frequencies, the different styles of meditation, how to create a meditative space, techniques for designing your own practice, how to restore calm, peace and balance, and connect through the physical senses with your own spiritual source.

Class Outline;

∞  Defining Meditation & The Benefits
∞  Creating the Space & Atmosphere
  Developing Your Own Practice
  Cleansing the Physical & Spiritual Bodies
∞  Tips for Beginners & Advanced
  Meditation Techniques
  Closing & Grounding
  Meditation as a Way of Life

Includes Free Gift;

This workshop comes with a specially recorded free download guided meditation.

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