Forensic Psychology 3

You do not need to have completed the Forensic Psychology for Beginners Course to register on Forensic Psychology 2 or 3.   Begin or continue on with depth exploration into the fascinating realms of criminal psychology, forensic science, and psychoanalytic theory.  Themes covered include;  

Week 1:     Assassins
Week 2:    Doctors of Death & the Hippocratic Oath
Week 3:    The Psychology of Stalkers
Week 4:    Hidden in the Force: on Internal Corruption
Week 5:    Conspiracy Theories (contemporary & traditional)
Week 6:    Bizarre by Design (dumbest criminals) & Alien Abductions
Week 7:    Gangland: The Secret Codes of Tattoos
Week 8:    On Death Row
Week 9:    Art Theft & Inside the Mind of a Psychopathic Child Killer
Week 10:  ‘Till a Death Us Do Part’ – on Spousal Murder

Tuesday 14th January to 24th March 2020:  7pm-9pm
Course:    Ten Weeks – two-hour weekly lectures

Price:       £117

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*   No previous experience or qualifications required.  No homework or assessments 
*  Course Attendance Certificates provided on completion   
*  Academic references provided on request

*  Some course material may be considered explicit or graphic in content   Age Limit & Terms Apply