Forensic Psychology 2

You do not need to have completed the Forensic Psychology for Beginners Course to register on Forensic Psychology 2 or 3.  Begin or continue on your fascinating exploration into the mesmerising world of Forensic Psychology.  With numerous case studies and investigations into themes including;

Week 1:     The Face of Innocence: Psychology of Child Abductors
Week 2:     Wicked Attraction:  When Couples Kill
Week 3:     Confidence Tricksters, Charmers & Identifying Factors
Week 4:     Non-Verbal Communication:  How to Spot a Liar
Week 5:     Paradise Lost:  Why Children Kill
Week 6:     Surveillance, Media Influence & Forensic Science
Week 7:     Daddy’s Home:  Multiple & Split Identities
Week 8:     The Land of Religious Cults
Week 9:     Obedience, Conformity & The Psychology of Evil
Week 10:   Sleeping With The Enemy: Attachment & Spousal Murder

Course:    Ten Weeks – two-hour weekly lectures

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