Consciousness is evolving. Our mind, our psychology, is intrinsically linked to the world around us and both are changing.  The outside mirrors the inside and vice versa.  Not only is our outside earth warming and shifting in weather patterns, but so too is our internal world going through a similar transformation in the way we perceive and think.  Individually, many people will think that it is only their personal experience that is shifting into unfamiliar territory, but in truth, the collective consciousness is progressing through to the next stage of awareness.  

Chamber has been created at Hebe College as a dedicated discipline to assist others with navigating through the transition, which will invariably involve extraordinary experiences.  Here you will learn about the predictable rise in metaphysical phenomena, that bypasses logical fathoming, and avoid many of the pitfalls that occur when the ego, spirit, and soul interplay in the phantasy realms of the unconscious, and spill out sometimes into our conscious reality.  Rising consciousness begins with increased awareness, that can be filled with lots of ‘aha’ moments, glorious light, profound inspirations, and ineffable experiences of love.  In truth, however, real enlightenment necessarily involves a process through endarkenment, whether we want it to or not.  Synchronicities will increase, along with encounters that may seem strange and bizarre.  At Chamber, you will find literature, classes, and other media to guide you through this individual and collective paradigm shift in consciousness.

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