The Need for Approval
15 February 2020
Approval, one of, if not the greatest motivator of human behaviour.  But where does the need for approval come from?  And why do some people spend their whole life trying to get approval from others, even when they are deflated and exhausted?   


Metaphysical Manifesting
9 February 2020
There is a reason why resolutions do not work.  Thoughts do contain energy but any thought spoken, even with conviction, requires other mind qualities and practices to be applied in order for the thought to actually manifest into reality. 


Essential Mind Boundaries (Video)
25 January 2020
Carole raises conscious awareness of the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual boundaries that exist in your visible and invisible worlds, and why you need your ego on your side for excellent boundary maintenance and great mind health.


The Power In Asking ‘Who Am I?’  (Video)
12 January 2020
Learn about the impact of your own misperception of your self, how you speak about and to yourself, and to become conscious of your unconscious programming and how to correct it.



Flat Batteries In Depression
5 January 2020
The stage was set.  Literally.  The room was packed with people, the cameraman was fully set up, the projector was on and I was all ready to start presenting one of the busiest seminars of the year on the psychology of depression.