The Brighter the Light

The mind, like life, is a spectrum of colours, all exist on a frequency continuum.  In everyday language, we are all individually made up of all things.  A healthy mind, like life, requires that we embrace all aspects of whatever, or whoever we are.  The alternative is to split off and project the parts of ourselves that we do not like into other people, in an attempt to disown them.  It’s a mechanism of psychological defence but it leads to internal failure.  When we attempt to disown parts of ourselves, in our efforts to survive, we divide.

It’s not easy, or pleasant, to accept the less lovely aspects of our capabilities, but I’ve seen that to pretend we do not have them is to give them untamed power.  I’ve also observed that lots of people seem to struggle as much with the alternative – to accept how great they can be and how brightly they can shine.

Whether teaching Forensic Psychology, studying patterns in the universe or working on self-progression, I’ve discovered one thing is for sure.  Wellness requires balance.  Our constant task is to return to mind homeostasis, a place chemically assisted by the hypothalamus in the brain.  We might go low and we might go high but peace is found when we walk the path through the middle.  The place where all things are equal.  That’s the point of our maximum power and potential.  In acceptance of all aspects of ourselves is unity.  In unifying the opposites we alchemise the past, the present, and our future.  In quiet acknowledgement, we become whole.

Wishing you balance,
Carole Sawo

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