Psychology 101 ~ Charming People

Oh dear, where shall I begin with this?  Perhaps I’ll start in the dusty markets of India, where the squatting snake charmer plays his mysterious pipe to make the reptile sway from the basket in a seemingly hypnotised trance.  Or perhaps I’ll start in online dating, where the handsome, suave gentleman tempts with his come-hither eyes sparkling over his wine glass – yuck.   Or maybe I’ll just cut to the quick and announce the number 1 red flag from my Psychology 101 ~ a charming person.

Note that in both the above scenarios the charmer sits out of biting distance, playing their merry dance.  It should also be pointed out that charming people are not always male either. What all charmers have in common, however, is the ability to tempt your hormones, lower your defences, outwit your intellect and reach into your mind under the conscious radar with their weaving tentacles of seduction. 

Is it the single and lonely that are at risk of the charmer?  Well, often, but charming people, smiling, of course, have hoodwinked many, single or not.  You become their target for one reason, and it all boils down to you having something they want.  And that thing, in some shape or form, is one of the basic desires of man, power – achieved through the seductive tunes of attention, sex, and money. 

In Africa they have a saying, ‘that the rat smiles as it bites you’, and whilst I could launch into a whole lecture on people showing you all of their teeth at the same time, I’ll reserve that for my forensic psychology students and just leave you with this thought; you may like the tune, but one must always hear the music.


Carole Sawo


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