Pandora’s Poetry

I wrote Pandora’s Panacea in 2007 and would describe it as a hologram.  Every time you read it you will see the writing from a different angle, and yet in many ways, still see the whole picture.  The book is described as ‘a work in progress’ and contains the psychoanalysis of great works of art from paintings, through fairy tales, such as the Wizard of Oz, into mysticism, spirituality and us.  Some people will assume in the back of the book I have just written some poems.  Others will see that the poems are in fact transcriptions from the archetypal realm of the unconscious.  Each poem is countertransference,  the real-life experiences of people whose hearts and minds are in various stages of evolution.  Some when despair came crashing through the boundaries, others when the light that follows flooded in.  In some poems I have written of broken hearts, of minds in turmoil and confusion, in others, I write of happiness, joy, companionship and the ultimate experience of an infusion of grace.  My poetry follows a typical, archetypal, a-typical pathway of experience, with the poems set out sequentially, more or less in parallel with a chronological evolution of the ego and rise in conscious comprehension.

Carole Sawo