On Holographic Works of Art

In Pandora’s Panacea (2007) by Carole Sawo

It’s all a question of perception really.  What people see, is largely what is already within their expectation to see; that which is within the quiet programming and prior experiences that have been stored in memories in their mind.

This week, on the Forensic Psychology course, I will be teaching how to analyse
 holograms – at depth.  A perceptual ‘deep see’ dive that is not for the faint minded.  For those not on the course, you can have a glimpse of my analysis of ‘The Scream’, by Munch, which is already on video on Youtube.   

It can be quite frustrating when others cannot see our point of view.  Sometimes it seems as if they can but are pretending not to,
 because then something would have to change.  Over the years of utilising symbolic sight, I’ve come to realise, that some people are invested in not seeing – and would rather prefer that you didn’t either.  Although that never stops their unconscious speaking and giving them away.

For some, it is far safer to stay at the perceptual level of superficiality.  Over time I’ve learned to leave them there.  Once we see we cannot not see.  And looking into holograms is a profoundly ‘amazing’ experience, should we know when to put the kaleidoscope down; 
but it’s a trip into Alice’s Wonderland if we do not.

For some, seeing is believing.  For me, believing is seeing.  Although belief is the subject of another article altogether … and maybe I’ll write about that one later?  Or maybe I’ll just wait and see?
Carole Sawo