Home is an interesting concept.  For some people, their idea of home is the place they grew up in; which can be a good or a not so good memory return.  As adults, home might be thought of as the place we now live in, where we have decorated, altered, keep all of our belongings in.

Home-sickness is a real phenomenon.  It occurs when our attachment bonds are too stretched between continents.  When that happens we can feel not only emotionally upset and psychologically strained, we can experience actual physical sickness and a strong yearning to return to that which is familiar – our family.

Where is our home, really?  For some, the concept of returning to a place of warmth, protection  and safety is an actual event when we open the doors to our dwelling places.  For others, home is a feeling, a much deeper calling and connection to something far greater than anything in the physical world.

In a ‘Paradise Regained’, Milton writes, “He, unobserved, Home to his mother’s house private returned.”   What might we wonder, would Freud have described as home?  No doubt that of the matriarchal womb, the soft and warm chamber in which we are never more fed, protected and content.  Or that of our adult substitutes – the very beds we sleep in!

Home, or the distance from it, however, occurs to me as a paradise that might be sooner regained when we perceive it as not a place, or someone we are in a relationship with, but more of a frequency – a sound frequency that is so akin and attuned to our heart, or even deeper, our soul, that whenever we hear it, we synchronise and automatically experience the feeling of being home – at one within ourselves.  Our individual and private paradise regained.

So where might we happen upon our own frequency of home?  We might start by ‘Oming’, although I would suggest you research that concept considerably before indulging.  I think we can start by reviving something that is rather a dying-out occupation, that of humming to ourselves. When we sing and hum to ourselves, we have not only the opportunity to reconnect with and bring our energy up, we also have the ability to take control over our emotional wellbeing at a very fundamental level of experience.  With the sound of our own voice, we at any time have the power, to go home.

Ignoring the stares of others, 
May your showers be songful,
And your paradise be regained.All good things,