Christmas Gift Ideas at Hebe College

Some people can be really difficult to buy for, mostly because they seem to already have everything they want.  However, material items aren’t all that can make someone happy.  Often people get more excited about things that others have given considered thought to, and more than that, to receive gifts in the way of events that they can look forward to and enjoy after the Christmas season, way into 2019.  

With the launch of some completely new and exciting online and in-class courses & seminars, at Hebe College we have all the great ideas wrapped up, and literally ‘do all the thinking’.


In-class sees the second only opportunity to attend a frequently requested five-week course commencing in January, titled De-Cluttering the Mind

(which is also available as a book to purchase here at Hebe College, or at Amazon and all good bookstores)- Christmas postal date now closed.


Online sees the launch of a completely innovative interactive audio course, A Peaceful Mind, that people can ‘attend’ in the comfort and convenience of their own home, with the bonus of asking Carole questions and accessing the private lesson forums. 


Other new and popular events scheduled throughout 2019 can be viewed here.



If you wish to surprise a loved one on Christmas Day with an especially thoughtful present, please follow these instructions;

  1. Go through to registration and purchase the event in your own name, giving your own email address and telephone number.  You will immediately receive an auto-generated email confirming registration.
  2. Then send us an email detailing the event you have purchased, together with the name and email address of the person the present is for.  This will be kept private until after Christmas, whereupon further welcome details can be sent to your loved one a week prior to the event.
  3. Look out for a return email from us with details of the event attached.  This attachment is for you to download if you wish, and pop into your own gift card, to present on Christmas day.
  4. If you have any questions or require any assistance with your purchase, we are always here and happy to help.

Wishing you all a wonderfully Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2019.

Carole Sawo