8 Habits of Psychologically Secure People

Being psychologically secure doesn’t mean that we never experience extreme emotions, such as anger or fear, it means that we know how to manage them when they do arise.  In everyday life, we can often feel overwhelmed by the tasks of just getting through the day and all the demands that can be imposed upon us.  There are some important differences, however, between the behaviours of emotionally turbulent and psychologically secure people, that enables the latter to experience life a little more chilled and a lot less stressed.  Intrinsically linked to an intact sense of self and healthy self-esteem, achieved through a lot of personal homework and self-reflection, psychologically secure people exhibit the following 8 habits;

1.      They Do Not Look Outside of Themselves for Approval

Psychologically secure people do not look for other people’s approval at all.  Looking outside of yourself for other people’s approval reveals that you do not have a strong sense of approval for yourself.  It means that you use others as an external reference of how well you are doing and how valuable you are.  But looking outside of yourself for approval is one of the biggest energy haemorrhages and a habit that many people have developed.  The remedy is to work on and build internal self-esteem and to catch yourself in the process of externally referencing, so that you can bring your focus and your energies back home.  The only person whose approval you should seek, is your own.

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