“We choose what we perceive”

Author, lecturer, pattern analyst and energy theorist, Carole Sawo QTS BSc (Hons) MA, is an academically accredited, professionally qualified subject-specialist, original field contributor & guest speaker with a clear perspective on the intricacies of the mind and behaviour.  Uniquely teaching not just within but across the disciplines from visible science to invisible metaphysics, Carole Sawo writes and lectures in Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Forensic Psychology, Psychopathology, Philosophy, Symbolism, Pattern Analysis, Metaphysics, Mythology, and Mysticism.

Putting herself through education, Carole Sawo academically holds many awards including a First Degree (with Honours) in Psychology, Masters Degree in Psychoanalysis, Cert Ed in Psychology, CPD in  ‘Psychodynamic Observation/Child Development’ and ‘Creating a Therapeutic Environment’, and is professionally qualified as a subject-specialist in Psychology (QTS).  In addition to her considerable professional achievements and academic writings, particularly in child psychology, psychopathology and transitional states of consciousness, for which she received many distinctions, Carole Sawo is well-read and experienced in additionally fascinating areas of psychic phenomena, such as; parapsychology, energy-dynamics, archetypes of the unconscious, perceptual awareness, subconscious communication, pictography, theology, mythology, and iconography.

With a passion for providing others with information about the mind, Carole Sawo single-handedly created her own centre of ‘Inspired Education’ in 2010, with her own resources and investments, and established Hebe College, which she located on the grounds of her Alumni University. Creating and lecturing live courses and seminars over a number of years, Carole Sawo has been instrumental in teaching thousands of people about all aspects of the mind.  In 2018, Carole Sawo expanded her successful ground-based college to incorporate online study, enabling global students the opportunity to study the mind with her, no matter their previous experience, academic achievements, circumstances or location.  Holding all of her students in high regard, Carole Sawo is equally well respected as a fascinating, knowledgeable teacher who possesses a wonderful sense of humour and an exceptional ability to explain & translate often complicated theory into understandable everyday terms.

Trained in traditional sign language, analytical observation, and self-taught symbolic sight, Carole moved far beyond the subject areas of academia with her multi-disciplinary PhD. outline being converted into her first book ‘Pandora’s Panacea’ (2007); so that everyone can connect through counter-transference artwork, fairy-tales & poetry with their own life experiences, and read about the fascinating holograms that exist in the individual and collective minds. 

‘Carole lives in tardis time.  To listen to her speak is to transcend the confinement of thoughts bound by time and space.
In her company, you will lose hours in a moment, and gain insight into infinity.’

Self-motivated with a passion to provide others with information about the mind, Carole Sawo is the sole contributor of all copy-written works appearing online, in lectures, content and publications.  Director of Hebe Publishing Company, Carole’s insightful first publication, Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007), is an inimitable commentary on psychological experiences, that was enthusiastically acclaimed in the Scientific & Medical Network Review.  Her latest work, De-Cluttering the Mind (2013), is a refreshingly brilliant synthesis of humour, psychological practicality … and thankful relief.  As a regular contributor of local and mainstream media, Carole’s clear interpretation of the mind into contemporary, practical terms, has provided enormous support and relief for countless individuals who are happy to honestly say, that Carole’s contributions have had a profound and lasting effect on them, that completely changed their lives for the better. 

Carole Sawo possesses a remarkably unusual calming influence and is particularly unique in her ability to actively listen and create a welcoming environment in which she delivers inspirational lessons that captivate the unwavering attention of her students for long periods of time. With a truly authentic personality and background of considerable personal development and professional accreditation, that she has single-handedly achieved, Carole is no ordinary teacher – she is a rare, natural educator with an incredible mind and a genuine passion for others’ life-long liberation, education, and success.  

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