Wicked Witch Syndrome

You will know when you’ve met a wicked witch because she will be screaming her intolerable demands for an apology.  Whatever you do don’t apologise because it is a trick … a really wicked one!

Wicked witches do not only exist in phantasy (ph), worse than that, they exist in reality.  In fact, in the shop, your office and most often, in places of education.  Usually unqualified and untrained, they manage to muscle their way into positions of authority in a cloud of fakery and give the very talented impression that they are there to encourage your development or your children’s education, when in fact their primary goal is to prevent it. Unemployable anywhere else, any good person who has the courage to report them to a manager, is, like the proverbial messenger, shot!  That is because the manager has not the ability to manage the level of toxic swirling projections emitted by the witch, so they easily dismiss or let the lovely person go, unfairly exposing all and sundry to the poisonous projections, also known as the flying monkeys sent forth by the witch.

Why you should never apologise to a wicked witch is because they do not actually want an apology.  It is a heavily shrouded sophisticated power-play to see who has more – you or them.  If you apologise you let them know that you have no power, no ability to perceive their antics and no way of defending yourself.  They can now do anything with you that they want. You will have made a stick for your own back that they will, at every opportunity, hit you with.  If you do not apologise they ‘up the anti’ employing another higher order defense mechanism by regressing to a tear-filled rage as they fake ‘little girl just trying to do right’ in the voice of a pleading five-year-old. It is really quite pathetic to watch a grown woman display the full spectrum of a wicked witch, and even more disappointing to see everyone else hit the deck and pamper to it. What only the insightful can see, is that the wicked witch is the archetypal female energy vampire, the bed companion of the highly seductive archetypal fool to be avoided at all costs – always on the look-out for who they can sucker … and suck!

Wicked witches are ‘keyword droppers’.  That is my term for people who ensure they use ‘the right speak’ to give the impression they are professional and know what they are talking about when they do not.  Having nothing else to do in their spare time, they memorise and then eloquently recite the words that appear in the ‘company manual’, but always in a way to impress others and make it appear as if they are being reasonable and helpful, when in truth they are professional bullies who cunningly delude everyone who cannot see their game.  A highly common, seductive and boring keyword used in arenas of spiritual development is ‘quantum’.  Quantum is a common keyword used by those whose egos have spiritualised, it denotes the size of the witch’s ego.  If you are beguiled and fascinated, thinking the person on the stage is etherically wise and consciously advanced, you just got suckered by an energy vampire.  A good rule of thumb to apply is, if the person on the microphone drops the word ‘quantum’ into their spiel, stand up and leave. Don’t even bother explaining to anyone why.  Let everyone see you put your coat on and go wait-out the lecture in the coffee shop – you will be miles better off.

From hormone to moaning whore, the diagnostic term for a wicked witch is someone with a borderline personality disorder.  Switching wildly from ‘defenceless sweet little girl’ mode into ‘screaming old banshee hag’, in older women it is more a question of unfertilised eggs, low oestrogen and no HRT.  I almost feel sorry for the men. The way to manage a wicked witch is simply – DON’T.  Do not apologise.  Do not engage in the toxic dance or you will lose your energy.  Do not attempt to see if they have a point … it will usually have a handle on it.  Do not spend any time in their company and most of all DO NOT ENTER INTO THEIR INSANITY, in conversation, meetings or emails … it will make your lovely mind sick with all their confusing hatred.  Just see them for what they are – a powerless, embittered old woman with an unfounded sense of entitlement, who blames everyone else for the hardships in life, does nothing to heal … and chooses, forever, not to love.

by Carole Sawo

No broom or a hat
No hate for a fact
But a wand and a cat
And a heart to do that