Coding the Ether

What better time of year than new year’s day to ‘code the ether’. This is not airy-fairy and this really has never been ‘a secret’! This has been a scientific evidential phenomenon since time began – only we didn’t know about it and we really did not understand the laws of magnetics, projection and thought-energy.

In the absence of knowledge people spend their time wishing, hoping, making resolutions, only to have them sail-off in the wind. But today, dear reader (or should I say coder) that is all about to change. Today is the day to put your hands on the steering wheel, to get engaged with your life, to start directing it and stop just playing a walk-on-part. Today is the day to access the infinite pool of every possibility, to get excited and to code the ether.

Imagine above your head is an infinite thought space into which you can project anything and call down anything. A space where a very patient dutiful assistant is waiting to hear about exactly what it is that you want to show up in your life – to be given a clear directive to go get it for you. Some people are familiar with a vision board and making one of those is excellent practice. Projecting energy into it every day is even better.

To make a vision board simply get a piece of paper and with lots of coloured pens write on it the words that represent the things you want to resonate in your life. Be specific and don’t just write things like ‘happiness’. Really think about what it is that is going to make you happy and include that.

Whilst you are designing your life, also drop all the people from it that do not make you happy – all those vampires who zap your energy, bulldoze over you and fail to appreciate the beauty that you are. Here is how to recognise them:- (1) they show no interest in your life or want to know anything about what you are doing (2) their words are not worth the air they used to say them (3) you think of them … and feel unhappy! This is a cleansing process with no animosity, so truly with good intention, actively clear them out of your thought space.

Life experiences enter in on your right field of vision and exit on the left, so wipe all the old off to the left and look with new bright eyes to the right. Writing down your thoughts and creating a plan is what brings energy into it. This brings the plan alive and into reality. Everything you see has come out of someone’s mind. They had an idea, applied energy, got busy and now you are looking at the products of their thoughts.

I’m telling you … my vision board from last year has an 80% success rate. 80% of the things I requested showed up and the remaining 20% is definitely ‘in progress’. You bet I will be fine-tuning that this afternoon. So get busy, get creative, design the life you really want, put it on paper, and then keep your eye out for those things appearing. It is then up to you to apply energy and go for it. And just to let you know – the assistant is very efficient and takes you exactly at your word, or rather thought. And the ether … well warp-speed has nothing on that!

Wishing you the best year ever,
With all potentials,