Alpha Encore

In Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007) by Carole Sawo 

So you think no-one can comprehend just where your mind might go

Imagine you are all alone and no-one else could know

The first to find the last to leave and lost somewhere between

No feet on earth in your rebirth and nothing as it seem

See shadows dancing in your dream dodge stalkers of the night

Submerged in fastest flowing stream fall from the greatest height

No-one to hear your silent fear no hand to grasp and hold

No courage left within your heart that once was young and bold

But here’s the truth said loud and clear that surely you must sense

That this is not a time begot but space for recompense

No ghastly sight can you perceive without first you create

No demon stand crossed hallowed land where angel at the gate

My dear you see all you could be both fact and mystic fiction

Extract from this eternal bliss enabled in your diction

Can you now tell that this no spell but gift from Ether given

Revealed today so you might say I found my soul in Heaven

No matter what the path you trod to bring you to this state

Important now is when and how and know it’s not too late

For blessed you are a golden star is handed from behind

In time will eyes clear misty skies that once were closed and blind

How happy might your life become if only you believed

That all was found when left the ground and once more you perceived

Unfolding wings tucked in your jeans new warrior of one

Your life not end when you descend but once more has begun