A Magician for a Moment

Something exists in the Universe that is more potent than any drug or spell. It has the extraordinary capacity to amend, to restore, to bring us back from the edge and to heal – and it lives in all of us. It is an alchemical element that is often overlooked in the complexity of relating and certainly in the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, due to its simplicity and quietness. And that element is gentle TLC.

Often people ask me how to help someone else who is raging, clearly causing chaos, who displays no love and seems to be on a self-destruct mission. Well anger is a secondary emotion and it always manifests to cover up a hurt. Never bother asking anyone why they are so angry, or expect them to manage that uncontainable behaviour – because that not only does not solve anything, it can definitely make matters worse. Ask instead ‘why are you so hurt?’ That is really how I stop a raging bull, I ignore the anger and deal directly with the hurt.  People scream in silence. Simple TLC reminds them that someone has a loving eye in their direction. And often what people really want is another very very simple element that we always have to give – our time. 

You do not have to be psychic, or call anyone with ‘a message’ from the Ether. The next time someone pops into your mind, just take the opportunity to send them a quick note, text or email. Something to remind them that they can be seen and heard. Something to say ‘you are normal, not alone and are welcome’ Not just on this day but on any day, be a magician for a moment, take time and send someone a little TLC.

With TLC for you,
Carole Sawo